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Data Transformations

January 30, 2019

Tomorrow, Nuvan will guide us through some helpful methods for transforming data in R. Join us!

Going With the Flow

January 24, 2019

Today’s R Open Labs will introduce you to workflows and discuss why they are important. We’ll also be covering object, classes, ways to deal with missing data and more. See you soon!

R Open Labs Returns for Spring 2019!

January 4, 2019

Thursdays, 2:00-3:30pm, starting January 17th Research Hub Second Floor, Davis Library Join our first two labs to get started in R, then return each week for a new topic. Curious about what we’ll cover? Take a look at R for … Read more

The Function Finale and Feedback

November 14, 2018

For our final R Open Lab, Lorin will teach us how to write our own functions in R (R for Data Science Chapter 19). We would also like to hear your feedback on the lessons for this semester and your … Read more

Model Madness!

November 7, 2018

Tomorrow, Matt will teach us a number of methods for working with different models in R including linear regression, random forest, SVM, etc. This is a big one so don’t miss out! If you want to get a head start, … Read more

Show off Your Code with R Markdown

October 30, 2018

Ever wonder how we create the nicely formatted lessons for R Open Labs? This Thursday, Nuvan will teach us how to use R Markdown, a tool that lets us produce documents and web pages with R. If you want to … Read more

TidyR and Joins

October 25, 2018

We hope you all enjoyed your fall break! Today we get back into the swing of things as Matt guides us through TidyR and teaches us how to join datasets. See you soon!

Working with Text: Strings and Factors

October 10, 2018

Join us tomorrow as Lorin introduces some helpful functions for working with text data, specifically strings and factors. You can follow along in R for Data Science chapters 14 and 15.

Time to Explore!

October 1, 2018

During this week’s Open Lab, Matt will guide us through the exciting world of Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). For a head start, take a look at R For Data Science: Chapter 7. See you soon!

Next Up: Data Transformations

September 26, 2018

Tomorrow, Lorin will walk us through some extremely useful functions that can transform your data in R. Don’t miss it!