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What is R?

R is a simple, yet powerful, programming language designed for statistics and data analysis. It is open source and free to use.

R is a helpful tool for cleaning up “messy” data, developing linear and nonlinear models, performing statistical tests, and creating data visualizations. There are many add-ons, or “packages”, for R that extend its capabilities. For example, you can use R packages to make maps, perform network analysis, and even generate interactive web applications!

Is R help available outside of Open Labs?

If you require one-on-one help with R outside of the Open Labs, virtual assistance is available from both the Davis Library Research Hub and the Odum Institute. The following experts can assist you:

Matt Jansen
Research Hub Data Analyst
Consultations available by appointment.

Lorin Bruckner
Research Hub Data Visualization Librarian
Consultations available by appointment.

Odum Institute Statistical Consultants
Please check the schedule.

Social Science Research
For help with social science research, speak with an Odum Institute consultant. Consultants who specialize in different types of tools and techniques are available on different days of the week. View the schedule for more information and to contact the Odum Institute.

Health Science Research
The Health Sciences Library Research Hub provides assistance with data management, referrals, searching strategies, new technologies, and more. Click here to request a consultation with a member of the HSL Research Hub.

Other Science Research
The Kenan Science Library has staff available for consultations, instruction, and customized services. Librarians will work with university researchers in the sciences to develop strategies for the preservation of and access to research data. Contact a consultant for research help.

All Other Research Help
The Davis Library Research Hub supports investigation, analysis, and visualization in many formats for researchers interested in working with data, mapping, texts, and technology. Walk-in assistance is provided at the service desk on the second floor of the Davis Library, and consultations can be scheduled with experts in data management, data analysis, data visualization and GIS.