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Transforming Your Data in R

February 5, 2020

Join us at R Open Labs tomorrow as Nuvan guides us through various techniques for performing data transformations in R.

Working Through Workflows

January 29, 2020

For tomorrow’s Open Lab, Lorin will introduce us to the basic workflow process we’ll be using for all of our projects in R. Time allowing, there will also be information on data visualization with ggplot. Don’t miss it!

Semester Finale: Models

November 13, 2019

Our next and final Open Lab for Fall 2019 covers Modeling in R. You can learn more about this topic in R for Data Science Chapters 22-25. We look forward to seeing you there!

Joining and Reshaping

October 8, 2019

This week we will learn how to merge multiple datasets together along with some methods for reshaping our data. To get a head start, you can read R for Data Science Chapters 12 & 13. We hope to see you … Read more

Strings and Factors

October 2, 2019

Our next Lab puts a spotlight on text and categorical data as we explore using strings and factors in R. You can read about what we’re going to cover in R for Data Science Chapters 14 and 15. See you … Read more

CORRECTION: Today we are covering Exploratory Data Analysis

September 26, 2019

Apologies, everyone! The last post said we would be covering R Markdown in today’s Lab, when in fact we will be covering Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). Please see the lesson materials and optional reading materials. Sorry for the confusion!

Reproducible Reports With R Markdown

September 25, 2019

Once we’ve written some code in R and gotten our results, what’s the best way to share them with an audience? Join us tomorrow for an introduction to R Markdown: a simple way of working in R that allows us … Read more